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Press clipping via VEGCONOMIST published on Jan 21st, 2021.

HEXA shoes
, a PETA-Approved fashion brand based in Thailand, has released a new collection called COAST SS202, an entirely new line of vegan shoes and sandals using a NASA Certified Space Technology called Outlast® temperature regulating technology which helps prevent sweating.

HEXA shoes not only regulate the temperature inside the shoe but also help prevent blisters –- a game-changer for all warm-weather footwear. The shoes are produced with a sustainability focus; Hexa says that as well as avoiding the use of animal-based products, it is also investigating offset strategies in order to achieve a neutral to positive impact with every item produced.

“This collection has been a year in the making and we are so proud to include Outlast in our new product range,” said Lisa McKeithen, HEXA’s Creative Director and Co-Founder. “Using Outlast in our footwear has been a goal of mine for a while because I’ve used other products that use Outlast and I can attest that it really works. I tried it out in one of our loafer styles and I couldn’t believe that my feet weren’t sweating, and I wasn’t getting any blisters walking around in 90°F (32°C) Bangkok heat. I wore the same pair for days on end and it truly does regulate the temperature, meaning my feet never were too hot or too cool, just as they claim.”

“We have personally tested every style because we knew that if it wasn’t comfortable enough for us to wear, then why would anyone else buy it?”, said Anutra (Sy) Mahatthanarak, HEXA’s Founder. “We were so fortunate to get the approval of Outlast to use in our footwear. Their technology is truly from space and now we get to have it in our shoes on Earth.”

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