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By STYLE DESTINO From I June 18, 2019

“It’s cool to be kind”, said Meghan Markle at a recent awards function, and she couldn’t have been more right. From ecology and animal causes to protecting the planet, fashion brands are jumping on the ethical bandwagon to woo the millennials who place a high value to a brand’s sustainability score. Additionally, with the power of social media, the likes of “Who made my clothes?” campaign by Fashion Revolution have played an important role in the rise in awareness about the need for fashion to be sustainable.

Once mocked, a vegan lifestyle has infiltrated the mainstream. This has opened doors for a host of enterprising ethical and sustainable handbag brands that are high on style and ethics. From upcoming brands to established retailer everyone is proudly labeling their animal-free products vegan to woo the millennials and Gen Z customers who are more conscious about their choices. However, just being vegan is not enough. For the handbag to qualify as ethical, it not only needs to be free from leather but also use vegan materials that are kind to the planet.

Faux-leather and fabric handbags exist, but it can be difficult to find a pair that’s high quality, sustainable (no PVC) and stylish, too.

Below we have curated a list of 7 vegan handbag brands that are crafting ethical bags from responsibly sourced cruelty-free materials, paying fair wages to their workers without compromising on style.

No Name Just People
Hexa – Nightstar Clutch/Crossbody
Ethics: Sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly

Founded in Bangkok by Sy Mahatthanarak and Lisa McKeithen, Hexa is committed to designing only the finest vegan handbags {and shoes} with sustainability at its heart. Their small collection aces design and function, featuring clever compartments for keeping your things well-organized. Their handbags are crafted from jute and eco-friendly vegan leather sourced from Japan. It is a special water-resistant, vegan leather that is solvent-free and with a low PU content that is designed to last for many years without becoming brittle or torn apart.

Their suppliers and manufacturers are handpicked based on the quality of their products and how strict they follow the sustainable guidelines Hexa demands like using sustainable energy to run the facilities and fair wages for workers.

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