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Veganism is often being misunderstood and mistaken by many extremists who paint all of us bad.

Nevertheless, there are so many more of us out there who believe in positively raising awareness for our fellow animal friends in spite of malicious practices in factory farming and infinite consumption that contribute to global warming.

As a brand, HEXA believes that veganism, rather than a cult, is a one of the many journeys that helps our struggling mother earth. And fortunately, we can bring our fashion skills to develop beautiful vegan shoes that combine comfort and technology.

Let’s take a look at some of these wonderful women who have spoken out for animals and show that kindness and compassion are here to stay. ❤

Jajah.Veganerie – Thailand, Vegan Chef & Entrepreneur
白彌兒 Mia Sabathy – Hong Kong, Eurasian Actress
Beau Wattna – Thailand, Elephant Nature Park Ambassador
Style with a Smile – Israel/Germany
Fashion by Compassion – Spain
Style Destino – Dubai
The Cherry Blossom Closet – London
Jelka Lepever – Belgium
Anna Myrha – Greece/NY
vlizardy – Helsinki

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