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More and more consumers are trying to embrace more ethical practices in their shopping practices. But while we try to make the right decisions when we buy shoes and bags, it can get confusing. Vegan? Cruelty free? Eco-friendly? What does all this really mean and how do we know?

What are vegan shoes and bags?

Many people choose to buy vegan bags and shoes because they do not want to encourage the exploitation of animals. Nowadays, this can be done with fashion and style!

To be considered vegan, shoes and bags must not have any animal products. So, no leather, silk, wool, fur or snake or reptile skins –no animal-derived glues or decorative shells, horn, bone, feathers. There are plenty of synthetic or animal-free alternatives that are just as durable and luxurious as the animal-sourced versions.

What are cruelty-free shoes and bags?

For those who still prefer animal products, cruelty free shoes and bags can still be made from leather, skins, silk, etc., but they are produced ethically. This means that ingredients, processes, and final products have not been tested on animals. While “cruelty-free” is usually associated with make-up and personal care products, it is also a consideration for bags and shoes.

Cruelty free and vegan choices for sustainability

In the end, we choose cruelty free or vegan bags and shoes because we want to do our part to help the environment. So, while brands may claim to be one or the other, make sure to ask if you’re not sure if the shoes or bags you’re about to buy are truly vegan or cruelty-free, like HEXA!
If you want more information about what is cruelty free or vegan, visit PETA’s fashion or the Vegan Society’s pages.


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