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Techno Mask MEECA™

278 ฿

High density dust proof, technical stretch fabric, UV treated

  • Verified antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal
  • Cool, breathable, comfortable to wear
  • Oekotex 100 certified fabric free from harmful substances
  • Washable up to 20 times and more
  • UV treated before packaged

Available in 3 colors (3 masks to a set): Black, Blue, Camouflage (variety set) We do our best to send you the colors you prefer. Due to high demand, we might not have all colors available and we will send you what we have available.

1 SET = You get 3 masks. (Unisex)

We recommend you buy more than 1 set (up to 10 sets/box) if you are likely to reorder to save on shipping cost. We do not add any markup to the shipping fee. So, if the rate changes due to unknown reasons, we will let you know the surplus and send you a separate link to pay the surcharge.

For bulk purchase over 100 masks, please inquire at [email protected]

Due to courier delays, some shipments may take longer. Thank you for your patience.

Products are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Limited Supply.

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Fabric Details: 85% Polyester, 12% Viscose, 3% Elastane

Differences between Meeca’s and other face masks

•The masks have made using Sanitized® (Switzerland) technology (ensuring antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-odor properties). This creates an unfriendly environment for microbes and does not allow them to survive on the mask.

•The air filtration and antibacterial function conforms to the requirement for face masks.

•The masks use “Cool Mode”, a process in which wicking chemical is added to draw off liquid by capillary action. This allows sweat from the face to escape through the mask keeping the wearer’s face dry.

•The face masks are washable more than twenty times without affecting the properties mentioned above.

•Finally, the masks are treated with long exposure to UV light to destroy any microbes that may accumulate during the stitching process. This is done just prior to packing and sealing.

For details and verification, visit www.sanitized.com


Each mask is UV sterilized against viruses and bacteria before being put into its packaging so there is a risk for contamination once the package has been opened, therefore, we CANNOT accept any returns under any circumstances. This is for everyone’s safety. We appreciate your understanding.

8 reviews for Techno Mask MEECA™

  1. Serena

    They look just like the photos. Cool and comfortable as described. Now i feel better about going out. Thank you for doing this!!

  2. Sharina

    Got them in the mail today. Quick delivery despite the current covid19. The fabric are lighter and cooler compared to other fabric…surprisingly!! So yes, love them and happy to have purchased it via you guys. Never disappointed buying products from you guys. 🙂

  3. Tim

    Just got the mask. (I ordered on Monday, so the delivery took about 4 days.) Everything looks just like the photos. Going to wear when going out. Thanks!

  4. Natacha

    Great value! As described, even smoother than I expected. Light weight and stays in place. Nice colors. And fast shipping. Thank you!!!

  5. Melissa Harney (verified owner)

    My mask were ordered on Monday and I got them on Friday! I was amazed! They are perfect, so well made. The materials are top quality. I feel protected and safe, while they are also comfortable and stylish. I will definitely buy from Hexa again!! Thank you!

  6. Apinya Z.

    Got 2 sets (6 pieces) and tried them. The fabric is light weight, smooth and comfortable. They are washable so good for the environment. No need to keep searching and buying more surgical masks. I forget my other masks and feel cleaner wearing this one, doesn’t smell after reusing it also. I just love them. Going to get 2 more sets soon 😉

  7. LMessina

    They look great and are very comfortable. They also fit snug against my face!

  8. Dr David Tullett

    The best masks I have tried, good face coverage, light, stay in place and easy to breath through. Look good too.

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