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We are Thailand’s first vegan lifestyle brand that currently focuses on comfortable footwear ranging from sneaker, wedges, pumps to high heels.

Together with our own technique in shoemaking, we work with innovative global material partners such as Eco-Ortholite and Outlast that shares the same belief and values.

Our mission is to inspire the change and calls for an animal welfare. We strongly
believe in inspiring a merciful living where women can still enjoy fashion while
animals and workers' lives are not sacrificed.

As seen on celebrities

Our vegan shoes are loved by customers around the world and we are always inspired to come across the shoes on our clients feet!

Chollada Mekratri

TV Presenter, Model, Actress. Founder & President of The Voice Foundation. "HEXA Shoes are truly comfortable high heels. Fit my feet perfectly. Also, the shock-absorbing foam is great for my knees."

Butter Waruttha Noey

Singer JNP Girl group, TV Personality, Plant-based influencer. "HEXA is such super comfortable vegan shoes!"

Beau Benjasiri

TV host and news anchor, Actress, Animal activist. "HEXA Shoes are beautiful, comfortable and stylish. Best part is that it's vegan!"

Mia Sabathy

Asia Next Top Model. "HEXA Shoes are really comfortable, especially the high heels! I love that they are an original vegan and cruelty-free brand."

Supakyada Kalanayamitr

Entertainment News Anchor, PPTV HD 36 TV host

Napaphatsorn Totienchai

Vegan Chef/ Entrepreneur/ Restaurant Owner "I have several HEXA shoes and bags. I love the comfort and quality of this brand."

Partners & Press

Hexa is acknowledged globally by partners and media as one of the leading sustainable vegan fashion brands.

PETA-Approved Vegan

PETA-Approved Vegan

Hexa products are approved by PETA as certified cruelty-free, with no testing on animals done.

Eluxe Magazine

Eluxe Magazine

Sustainable luxury awards 2020 nominee and up-coming vegan fashion brand.

Happy Cow Vegan Products

Happy Cow Vegan Products

Find us in the global vegan directory by HappyCow.

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"HEXA Shoes are so underrated. Once you try them on, you will be so surprised how comfortable they are. I'm glad i've found this brand!" - Celia D. USA